Photo Courtesy of Ronald Smith

PFC Ronald Smith

Battery A, 1st Missile Battalion, 333rd Artillery

40th Artillery Group (Redstone)


Ron was initially in the Servicing Section, operating the erector-servicer truck and the lightweight A and H Frame equipment employed
to raise the missile to the vertical position. Ron subsequently was assigned as our Battery A Clerk.

Ron was also considered to be our Battery A resident photography expert. You would rarely, if ever, see Ron leave the Kaserne
without his trusty camera bags loaded with his Leicas, Agfas, and the latest 1960 state of the art German camera equipment.

Ron and Larry Satterfield, both from California, went through Basic Training at Fort Ord, and RMMM-C Training at Fort Sill together.
From RMMM-C they were both assigned to Battery A for 18 months.